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Password Sentinel  v.3.8.0

Passwords Sentinel is a fresh reliable solution developed for secure password storage, a light software whose purpose is to manage and keep safe passwords, access codes, important dates, figures, numbers, etc.

Artifact Manager

Artifact Manager delivers an innovative solution to organize, search and keep safe and under control your documents and personal information. Artifact Manager is the first enterprise-class solution to manage documents and information on your computer. It


Egg Vs. Chicken  v.32.0

Enjoy this fight and challenging adventure helping eggs to keep safe from the chickens. Chickens will destroy the eggs if they reach your area.

Babys Day Outbeta  v.1.0

A game based on the 1994 Twentieth Century Fox movie with the same name. You are the guardian that has to keep safe a crawling baby.

Panda Security Toolbar  v.

The Panda Security Toolbar helps keep you safe from the cybercriminals and identity thieves. Do you bank, shop, or login in to website while on line? Then the Panda Security Toolbar will help you keep safe.

Backup&Synchronize  v.8.3.346

Because loosing files in a digital world can become a true disaster as well for professional as for home user, Backup&Synchronize offers an easy way to keep safe your essential data.

Backup2009 Pro  v.7 1

Backup2009 Pro brings you all tools necessary to keep safe your system and data. Classic backup and copy allow to process files even if they are locked by another program.

Phone Ghost 7  v.

Two address books is better than TWO phones. Do you want to keep safe your contacts? Phone Ghost 7 is the app for you. With the same look and feel of the Windows Phone address book you have the same functionalities with some improvements. To be sure

FITClub  v.

FITClub is platform fighting arcade game for 2 to 4 players. Enemies are controlled by AI. The goal is to force enemies down into the water or lava and keep safe from their attacks. You collect items to temporarily change your abilities.

Image File to PDF Converter  v.

Image File to PDF Converter software for getting PDF files by images conversion. Converting picture to PDF documents use to keep safe images in form of PDF files. Create adobe page by inserting pictures also lock photo by inserting password.

Safe Eyes Parental Control  v.6.0.239

With our Safe Eyes Gold version, you can add your own list of sites to allow or block.

Safe Eyes Parental Control for Mac OS X  v.5.6

With our Safe Eyes Gold version, you can add your own list of sites to allow or block.

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